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Three Common Mistakes in Body Building

Increasing muscle mass is not an easy business. You must keep the balance between the nutrition intake and workouts continuously. Muscle loss happens all the time, and when the energy need exceeds your body’s supply, your body will begin to steal some from your muscles. However, without enough cardio training fat cells can proliferate and ruin your lean build.

Gaining muscles is a forever struggle to keep a fair portion of resistance and cardiovascular workouts. Let us explore this topic more by revealing three common mistakes that can cause either muscle loss or fat gain.

Improper Supplements

Natural foods are indeed the best nutrition you can get. However, you must also evaluate your expectation. If you want your body to improve naturally, it will take time, and usually, take years. You might have seen some athletes who can achieve their bulking goal in a short time. In that case, it is relatively safe for us to assume that he/she gets an extra nutrition and growth boost from artificial sources.

Medical technology has brought us solutions that we have not fully understood. And yes! We are talking about steroids here. The artificial hormone is famous for giving an athlete a radical result over a short period. We are also taught and told that the substance brings terrible harms to our body.

Nonetheless, that fact was valid decades ago. Studies on the subject continued, and today, we have a safer version of steroid for fitness use. For example, steroids Canada, the X-Fuel, is known to have benefited many users. If you take an interest in the brand, make sure you consult a doctor first. Our site does not recommend drug abuse!

Not Getting Enough Rest

Most novice bodybuilders tend to exhaust themselves in each workout session. As a result, they may need a long rest after it. And as the collective knowledge has dictated us, a long break between sessions will not lead to muscle gain and increase the chance for injuries.

What you need are continuity and a steady rise in the intensity. If this month you can lift 15 kg plates, next month you should increase them to 17.5 kg. The rule of thumb is to add more weights once you do a clean seven repetitions for each set.

Rest for two or three days at maximum per week, and hit the gym for the rest of the days. You have to be disciplined in keeping the schedule so that you can see a significant result soon.

Too Much Cardio

Cardio workouts are essential for muscle gain because they cut the fat and prevent its buildup. Fat in the belly, arms, and thighs can only be eliminated with cardio. The ideal body fat percentage for men does not surpass 16% and 24% for women.

The best cardio workouts are running, swimming, and cycling. If you like indoor session more, then you can try the Cross Fit program. It combines bodyweight training, obstacle exercises, gymnastics, and weightlifting with just the right proportion.